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Currently, picowiki is very simple, and I intend on keeping it that way. That being said, I would like to introduce a tiny bit of more "advanced" functionality (some may be present in the todo list).

This page, is, in essence, me thinking out loud.


I did have metadata in the previous iteration of my KMS in the form of a somewhat simplified YAML Front Matter header format. Currently, I'm not entirely sure if metadata is required but I believe it may be if I want to introduce the support for tags1, for example.

Categories can be solved by using folder, which would make more sense as then the entire database can be viewed, in an organized manner, even without using picowiki. Categories now "work". All the files can be organized by folders.

These are extremely valuable I feel. In essence, this will show you which other pages/documents are linking, and thus connected to the one you are currently reading. As picowiki is a dynamic engine, I need to figure out a way to efficiently find backlinks, i.e. it won't make much sense to read the entire database and scan documents linking to the currently viewed one.

One way to do this is to keep an index file which will have all the references in it. The question here is when to create this index? Should a command be ran periodically to do so? If the pages were authored through a web interface (and they may be), the index could be created/updated upon saving.

  1. I mean tags in hashtag (#hashtag) format as a secondary categorization method. 

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